Side Projects

Open Source projects I made in my free time.

SBT template that can be used for development of multiproject with some nice quality-enduring tools configured.

SBT Scala multiproject template

Template I created because I couldn't find a good generic SBT multiproject template. Especially since I wanted something which would have some quality check already configured. My setup has:

  • two modules independent of each other: first and second,
  • one common project - used by both first and second,
  • Scalariform configuration,
  • Scoverage configuration,
  • Scalastyle configuration,
  • predefined [sub]tasks: integration:test, functional:test, unit:test which run tests tagged as IntegrationTest/FunctionalTest/UnitTest respectively,
  • filtering out tests tagged as DisabledTest.

Because it's the passion

To keep on growing and learning new things I like to work on a open source project - it's a great opportunity to get the grasp of new things even before the chance to used them in a commercial project arise.

Side projects


Working at

Scala Developer at Scalac

June 2015 – now

I work as a backend developer. Projects I work with are written in Scala and based on SBT build system and Play Framework.

Recent project

Android Scala playground

Android Scala playground I've made to try out some ideas.