Side projects

Open Source projects I made in my free time.

Side projects

To keep on growing and learning new things I like to work on a open source project - it's a great opportunity to get the grasp of new things even before the chance to used them in a commercial project arise.

Android Scala playground

Android Scala playground I've made to try out some ideas.

SBT Scala multiproject template

SBT template that can be used for development of multiproject with some nice quality-enduring tools configured.

Backup DSL

Small and simple DSL in Scala intended for some specific backup/restore operations.

Skat card game

Simple Skat card game implementation in Clojure. Project used as an opportunity to learn Clojure.

Cmder Package

PowerShell script with some predefined config files I developed to set up and restore my development environment on Windows. Mostly portable, Cygwin-based solution I use at work.

Game Theory Tools

Project written as a master thesis. It concerned creation of a simple language which could be used to describe some finite games and performs queries regarding equilibria. Is was an opportunity to learn more about game theory, C++ and writing compilers.


JAppJUp (Java Application - Java Updater) was made as a student project for Nokia Siemens Networks. It consisted of an update repository and a generic client which would fetch updates, kill updatee and perform upgrade.

Team Project

Project was made as a passing assignment for Database Applications course. It consisted of two Rails applications: one implementing some functionality useful in a real world (here: issue/bug tracker) and data warehouse storing information extracted from it.


Working at

Scala Developer at Scalac

June 2015 – now

I work as a backend developer. Projects I work with are written in Scala and based on SBT build system and Play Framework.

Recent project

Android Scala playground

Android Scala playground I've made to try out some ideas.