About me

Personally I am just a developer without any X in front of it, living in Wrocław.

About me

I enjoy learning new things, especially more abstract like mathematics or algorithmics. Currently I am working with Scala, since to me functional programming feels more mathematical, aesthetical and pure. I've also got experience with commercial programming in imperative languages like Java and C++, as well several small projects in other languages under my belt.

I am a graduate of Wrocław University of Technology, major Computer Science, specialization Algorythmics. However, coding was what I started even before I'd started studying.

When it comes to programming I am interested the most in the bigger picture: how each part of the project interacts with another, how the scalability and safety can be achieved and how to manage complexity to manage the codebase's growth with as little accidental complexity as possible.


Working at

Scala Developer at Scalac

June 2015 – now

I work as a backend developer. Projects I work with are written in Scala and based on SBT build system and Play Framework.

Recent project

Android Scala playground

Android Scala playground I've made to try out some ideas.